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Name:Klarth F. Lester
Location:Euclid, Aselia

¤ Character Info:

[Character name:] Klarth F. Lester
[Series:] Tales of Phantasia [Game]
[Age:] 29
[Sexuality:] Heterosexual
[Species:] Human
[Hometown:] Euclid

[Canon Background: Spoiler Warning]
In the year 4192, Klarth was a young, carefree man, living his life the way he saw fit. He would create ridiculous rules for himself such as vowing to skip at least half of his classes for the week, or never dating the same woman more than three times, etc, which was a way for him to feel as though he was in control of his life and free to create his own story. That’s what made him feel like he was alive until he met Magnus. Once a student at the Alvanista Royal Magic Academy, he first met a professor named Magnus Bradley, who ends up changing his life. He was a young determined professor who was into doing experiments on spirit summoning, which was looked down upon by the Academy, considering it a fairy tale-like research and a waste of time. Klarth was the one who introduced Mirald, his long childhood friend, to Magnus, which sparked a relationship between the two, leaving him as the third wheel of the party.

After getting suspended from the Academy for hitting on the director’s daughter, Klarth was convinced by Magnus to assist him with his research, particularly on Sylph, off campus. They performed numerous experiments together including sending off 100 paper airplanes to see the effects of Sylph’s powers, though one day, one experiment went terribly wrong. On this day, he vowed to Klarth that he would finally ask Mirald’s hand in marriage to show him how serious he was (reassuring him that he would take good care of her) once the experiment finally succeeds but the spirit that they summoned was not the gentle Sylph, but Shadow, who had a hatred for humans. Magnus ends up losing his life (really sucked into another dimension, never to be seen again) leaving the two behind.

This triggers Klarth to continue the research on the spirits by re-applying to the Academy as a graduate student and even coming out top of the class. During his studies, Klarth visited an old fortune-teller who was somewhat knowledgeable about the spirits and knew of a method to strengthen the communication taken between the humans and the spirits. He begged her to go through with this method, despite the Academy’s dislike for anyone associating with this crazy fortune-teller, and engraved these seals all over his body, which look somewhat like tattoos. The professors and other students grew weary of him, as they were consistently skeptical of his theories and even the way he behaved and dressed was starting to become troublesome. He was accepted into the academy charter and was given a chance at receiving funds for his research but everyone turned his proposal away, even banishing him from the academy for his outrageous theories.

Since then, him and Mirald have opened a school for the children of their village in reading and writing, along with Klarth continuing his research on the side. By the time he meets Cless and Mint in 4202, he had figured out a way to make a contract with the summon spirits and agreed to help them in their journey to defeat Dhaos if they will help him collect these spirits.

Through out the course of the game, they find out that the mana, life energy which allowed spirits to live and magic to exist, from the world were disappearing. They end up waging a war against Dhaos in the past and finally end up time traveling back to the present where they defeat him. It wasn’t long before someone from 50 years in the future comes their way and speaks of them about Dhaos still alive and having to go defeat him there. Once they do, they find out the truth about Dhaos’s story, where he was only trying to save his own world from perishing. The Mana Seed that he needed was known to be born from the mana that was gathered in the Great Tree Yggdrasill. The magitechnology that the humans were using was sucking up all the mana, causing the Great Tree to wither and die. So at the end, Mint casts a barrier around the tree so that mana will be contained and a seed can be born and our heroes part ways to their own time again.

As a young man, Klarth was your stereotypical 18 year old boy who loved to live life to its fullest. Fooling around with girls, skipping classes, and overall a rambunctious rebel. He was a smooth talker, who did whatever he wanted to do and whenever he wanted to do it. He would always end up having an argument with Mirald, his childhood friend (who later becomes his sweetheart), teasing her and such. He mentioned in the past that he wanted to be a cloud that drifts off, bound by nothing and with no set destination, going wherever the wind takes him; much living a carefree life. He also had and still has a tendency of hiding his true feelings behind a fake smile and piled excuses, such as with his feelings toward Mirald.

After the Magnus incident, he quickly grew mature and determined in proving those hard-headed bastards at the academy of the spirit’s existence. Even having grown older, he still kept his playful side but overall has become more of a serious man. He can appear aloof at times, taking more interest in his research than anything else. Even during their journey, he is the one who always tries to keep the group in order and stay focused on the task at hand. He becomes excited in his discoveries and can at times ramble off about it.

Klarth is quite the drinker and there are indications that he is indeed a pervert, taking great joy in collecting pin-up magazines of beauties and the like. He still runs into childish arguments with his teammates, especially when teased about his age (which he is concerned of despite what he says being amongst the youngsters). Even so, his teammates rely on him for his guidance and knowledge and tend to lead the group being the oldest. He makes rational decisions and accepts things as they are keeping his composure though when he’s ambitious or thrown into a loop about something he can panic at times, such as when he was trying to figure out how to open the door to get Shadow, and cause him to lash out at people from short temper.

Klarth’s main ability is to summon his spirits to wipe out a number of his enemies, covering significant ground, though on occasion he is able to cause physical damage with his thick magic books by giving a good swing.

Here is a list of his summons:
Sylph: Casts a vortex of wind around a single enemy.
Undine: The spirit herself slashes through her enemies using a sword with water attributes to it.
Ifrit: Can cause damage to one or more enemies multiple times, consecutively hitting them with his fire balls.
Gnome: The spirit forms into multiple rockets shooting off into the air and landing on his enemies.
Maxwell: Throws around energy bubbles of himself to dart at his enemies.
Luna: Casts down rays of light onto her enemies.
Volt: Casts down lightening bolts onto his enemy.
Asuka: A flock of birds fly across and causes light elemental damage onto its enemy.
Shadow: Casts darkness onto his enemy.
Gremlin Lair: Opens up a gate and calls forth gremlins to eat the enemies.
Origin: Manipulates time and attacks his enemy with light elemental damage.
Pluto: The King of the underworld comes out and attacks his enemies with these fire balls.

¤ Game Play:
[Taken from:] Post TOP Game prior to Narikiri Dungeon
[Fourth walling:] Only during designated curse.
[Residency:] On the top floor of a building by himself.
[Status:] Alive

Ω Player Info:
[Name:] KGaara / Yuki
[Personal Journal:][info]kawaii_gaara
[Contact info:]
-AIM: Pluuuuuuue
[Time Zone:] PST/ USA

[Disclaimer:] Klarth and Tales of Phantasia © Wolf Team/Namco Tales Studio

[[This is a RP journal used at [info]polychromatic]]

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